The USB TYPE-C is the better and fastest port for charging and data speeds till now in the world. So all mobile & laptop manufactures are placing USB-C for fast charging supports and faster data speeds. This trend was started in 2015. Before a report from apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said, apple is replacing lighting port with USB-C for fast charging, faster data speeds & for better convenience.

Now a report coming from apple can disappoint their fans. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that, apple will bring this USB-C port in upcoming iPhone generations not in 2019. Apple is using USB-c port with recent Macbook models. They can easily replace the lighting port with USB-C, but they not doing that. They are not offering the fast wall chargers also after spending $1000. They are offering a 5W wall charger which will charge the iPhone in 3 hours. They released 27 W fast wall charger and a different USB-C cable which empty’s the users pocket. If they think and offer this USB-C they can place in premium version of iPhone. they will not offer actually in budget iPhone’s because of cost cutting, not giving the 3.5mm to lighting cable, no fast charger. While apple is doing more things in cost cutting When compared to Android phones. Android manufacturers like Oneplus, Xiaomi are offering USB-C at below $600 with fast charger also.

The lighting port was launched in the year 2012 replacing the apple 16 pin connector with iPhone 5. At that time it is interesting to see such a small port used for charging. Years passed tech industry improved and manufacturers are replacing Micro usb with Usb-c port.

Let see what Apple bring is their September iPhone event. Stay tuned to Mobiradar for more updates.

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