10 Reasons Why a Gaming Laptop Should Replace Your PC

Gaming laptops are portable beasts equipped with the best configuration industry has to offer. They are more than capable of running any task or program a job may require form simple file processing to 4k video editing. Moreover, the weekends are filled with HD graphics and high frame rates gaming to get the best experience.

However, these benefits come with a price that may seem unreasonable to many. It makes no sense in investing such a heavy amount with no purpose for its use. You need a list of reasons to make sure a massive portion of savings is not spent on impulse.

Here, you will find some reasons to replace your average PC with a gaming laptop.


Gaming laptops are equipped with the latest and advanced hardware in the industry. They are equipped to make processing and file management more efficient and faster. Working on them is nowhere near as frustrating as working on your age-old system. 

You will get the job done in lesser time to save some time for other essential tasks. Your efficiency and productivity will also increase with the increase in speed. You will cover the investment with very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK with the added profits. 

Cooling System 

Heating was a severe problem in early gaming laptops with underperforming fans. They required additional support to keep the machine low while running heavy applications. The industry has countered the problem very well in the most recent generations of gaming PC.

The cooling system, processor, and graphic cards are more efficient than ever. Your regular tasks will not make the system even sweat. While an average system may get overheat if they somehow manage to run a resource-draining application. 


The regular desktops and laptops come with an elegant design for professional use. You can use them in a board meeting, coffee shop, or classroom and no one will notice the system in your hand. However, gaming laptops come with an intuitive and striking design to catch some eyes. 

If you want something simple, the manufacturers got you covered with plenty of laptops with a solid design. The range is filled with some fascinating designs and lots of options to personalise them. You will own a system that will reflect your personality better than any workstation.   


The heavy games will not run on cheap quality material for a very long time. From keyboards to memory, they require components build for abuse, not pampering. Therefore, you will find some rigged design features and material on a gaming laptop.

Your processor, memory, and graphics card will not require repair every other month. A normal user may not find the power as useful as the reliability of these components. It will affect your work, gaming, and streaming content more than anything. 

Audio Quality 

The sleek computers are not known for speaker sound. The size puts a serious limitation on the size of speakers. Thus, the sound is not great or loud enough when compared to the slightly thick gaming laptops.

You may think of the external speaker as an easy fix to the problem. However, they increase the complexity of performing simple tasks such as listening to an audio file. It isn’t easy to carry even Bluetooth speakers. 


The integrated motherboards are not customisable once the laptop is purchased. You are stuck with the same configuration for the rest of your life. The repair cost also increases significantly if a single component is damaged. 

Gaming laptops provide plenty of customisability before and after the purchase of the system. You can change the storage size and type since they are equipped with a separate slot for HDD and SDD. The motherboard elements are easily accessible and won’t require such a hard job to add a memory stick. 

Long-Term Investment 

A mid-range laptop or system will get outdated way sooner than the gaming laptops. The computer industry is fast involving with the introduction of AI and machine learning features. Almost every professional software will use them soon to make the process faster and easier for the users.

Therefore, a machine with a heavy configuration is the ideal choice if you don’t want to upgrade now and then. It will make more sense to invest once since the machine is a depreciating asset. You will get more value for money if you invest in a high-end laptop for a longer duration than the mid-range laptop. 

Dual Usage 

You don’t have to purchase a secondary entertainment device apart from a workstation with a gaming laptop. The display and extensive support for multimedia and games make it an allrounder. It will serve a long list of other purposes apart from its primary use. 


To sum up, a gaming laptop is a great investment if you work with heavy applications. It justifies the price tag with performance and dual usage. However, you should consider the alternatives if the use of a laptop is limited to streaming media.

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